Mino Lab Coat - 940


A well-fitting labcoat is a key tool in any medical practitioner's arsenal. Nothing is worse for a doctor-on-the-go than an ill-fitting labcoat or jacket. Our line of luxury labcoats, are hand-sewn and crafted with an attention to detail not seen in medical wear. These coats can be completely custom tailored when it comes to size, length, arm length, number of pockets, and more. Pick and choose the features that fit you best, give us your measurements, and Scrubs Tailored with expertly tailor a unique coat made to your every specification and desire.

Our Coats are made from the highest quality blend of luxury Modal, CoolMax, and spandex. They are flexible, anti-microbial, anti-odor, fast drying, anti-splash, and wrinkle free. We have spared no expense in the design and manufacture of these amazingly elegant labcoats.

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